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About Us

Here you can find what describes us as a company.

Our Values


Our main goal is to look for the best origins, price and quality of green coffees in the international and national markets, making them available to customers so that they can enjoy the unique aromas and flavors that only the best coffees can provide after adequate roasting and packaging.


Our team is committed to certification and specialised training, innovation and state-of-the-art technological processes and equipment, in order to provide its customers with best quality products.


We are very strict compliance with the rules and principles of commercial activity provides our customers with all the relevant information that allows them to decide in conscience when making their choices.


At Booínga Café we worry about social responsibility. When possible we choose organic coffees with the most certifications to insure that the production is being made sustainably and in ways that offer the best conditions for farmers, their families and planet Earth.

These are some certifications with which we identify:

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