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Coffee Tasting Experience | Christmas Collection


Your Host

I am a Civil Engineer that fell in love with the coffee world upon early retirement. I come from a Portuguese family that was born in Africa (Angola), and have already lived in Moçambique, São Tomé and Principe and Brasil. With courses from the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), I have certifications in green coffee, sensorial analysis, brewing, barista and roasting. All of this passion culminated in me founding Booínga - Oporto Coffee Roasters. I am also a Surfing aficionado!


What We'll Be Doing

Carlos will take you through the ins and outs of the coffee world. He'll teach you about his passion and why he decided to open his own coffee roasting company. You'll learn about the origin of coffee, the types of plants, roasting, methods of extraction and grind. You will also get to know different types of equipment, getting to know the pros and cons of each, and what brewing method suits you best. Most importantly, Carlos will teach you how to prepare and brew a great cup of coffee, and everything that this involves. Harmonisation is also a big thing in gastronomy so we'll play around with flavours and match coffee with other interesting tastes - chocolate, Port wine and homemade pastry!

You'll be tasting:

  • Espresso Booínga Blend (w/ sider of 70% cocoa black chocolate with salt flower) - Cappuccino option
  • V60 Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Single Origin (w/ local homemade corn biscuit)
  • Moccamaster Filtered Coffee Costa Rica Single Origin (w/ homemade almond biscuit and Douro Moscatel Wine 10 years)
  • Cascara (an incredible coffee infusion!)

    You'll be taking home:

    • Booínga Mug
    • 70g Booínga Blend
    • Annobon chocolate 70% cocoa with salt flower
    • Casa de Penalva Infusion

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